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Women Primary Care 

We offer appointments to manage your overall health by treating acute illnesses and managing chronic illnesses. We aid in coordinating complex care with specialists.

Prenatal Care & Postnatal Care

We provide personalized, quality and compassionate care pre and postnatal for all women throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

Gynecological Care

We provide care for common GYN problems including contraception, abnormal vaginal bleeding, vaginal infections, Sexual health, menstrual problems, Menopause and other concerns.

Hospital Births & Birth Center Births

We offer birth in hospitals and collaborate with local birthing centers for low-risk maternity patient.

Well Women Exams

We offer preventative care services including annual exams, pap smears and health maintenance visits.

Newborn Care 

We provide care for newborns up to 8 weeks after birth. We assist with pediatric referrals.

Personalized Quality Healthcare 

​Clinic Operation Hours : Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM

For Consultation Contact us at (904) 379-2540

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